Model# : PR-V-TRAP-66

How it works:
This product is different from the traditional flying insect trap. It adopts a special UV light-emitting diode together with the cyclone flying insect absorbing technology to kill insects effectively. With years of anti-mosquito experience, we design the UV light-emitting diode which is no different from traditional UV tubes, but its functionality cannot be compared to similar products on the market. The scattered light wave frequency first attracts the mosquitoes, then the cyclone ventilation system absorbs the mosquitoes into the machine. This product is effective against all kinds of flying insects, especially small pest such as midge; The centralized  flying insect absorbing function is user friendly for easy cleaning.
This product is suitable for indoor use only, it can be placed on the floor or table; At the initial stage, it is recommended to be turned on continuously for 12 to 16 hours or even up to 24 hours per day (depending on mosquitoes volume) in order to eliminate pests.
Product specifications:
Product size: 12.5cm (diameter) x 16cm (height)
Input power: AC220V/50Hz
Power consumption: 8 W Max
Product net weight: 600g
Effective coverage: 100 – 200 square feet (calculated in a single room)
Safety certification: Meets CE electrical safety standards, has obtained HONG KONG SAFETY MARK, EMC certification and EU RoHS environmental protection specifications
Protection level: Tested by international protection level “IP20” (user safety standard)
Recommended location:
Suitable for home bedrooms, living rooms, offices, school classrooms, restaurants and bars, etc.
*Purchase enclosed with a mini broom (for after-use cleaning) and 1-year product maintenance.