Project: Prevention and Control of Mosquitoes

Reference Client: Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Two years ago, there was a mosquito problem in the Tiu Keng Leng Sport Centre. At that time, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department purchased a Solar-powered Mosquito Control System from the market to install it outside the Sport Centre. However, one year later, it was discovered that the relevant system did not achieve the expected results, and the mosquito infestation became more serious and spread to the gymnasium. Afterward, our company was invited by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to take over the improvement of the old mosquito-killing equipment in the sport centre, and switched to UV LED Flying Insect lamps. The mosquito situation gradually improved. Moreover, the stability of the equipment has been greatly improved. Compared with the old system set up earlier, the cost of the improvement project is more affordable and better.


Project: Rodent Control

Reference Client: Wellcome Supermarket

Many years ago, our company was invited by Wellcome to a warehouse covering more than 100,000 square feet in Tseung Kwan O to deal with rodent problems. Electronic Rodent Repellents were installed in various positions in the warehouse, and the rodent infestation has disappeared since then. Afterward, Wellcome proposed to cooperate with our company to install Electronic Rodent Repellents in more than 200 supermarket branches, and the results were widely recognized.


Project: Disinfection Service

Reference Client: Royal Peninsula

In recent years, Hong Kong has been affected by the Covid-19, and the hygiene requirements of private residences have greatly increased. The Royal Peninsula in Hung Hom, Kowloon is a high-end residential property, and of course it is no exception. They have strict requirements for choosing a disinfection service company, and they have also hired the most famous disinfection service company at that time. Due to the large area of the housing estate and the many leisure facilities for the public, it is necessary to have experienced disinfection staff to effectively ensure that every detail is properly disinfected. In view of this, our company was invited by the housing estate to become a long-term partner to carry out regular disinfection work for the housing estate, and was recognized and affirmed by the housing estate.


Project: Energy-Saving

Reference Client: H.K.Y.W.C.A. Faith Hope Nursery School

Faith Hope Nursery School in Wong Tai Sin has provided educational services in the district for many years. The teachers are excellent and have established a solid foundation for children entering primary school. In order to cope with long-term development, the school has invested in improving the environment in recent years and has responded to the environmental awareness promoted by the government. Our company was fortunate to be invited by the school to carry out energy-saving improvement projects and replaced more than 100 lamps in the school with LED energy-saving lamps. After the project, it not only saves a lot of electricity bills, but also improves the overall luminosity of the campus, making the students’ study life more energetic! In addition, LED energy-saving lamps have a long lifespan (usable for 3 – 5 years), so schools no longer have to worry about replacing light tube or repairing lamps.


Project: Replacement of Water Dispensers

Reference Client: Hospital Authority

Affected by the Covid-19, germs are rampant, and traditional drinking fountains in public places fail to meet higher hygiene requirements. Our company was invited by the Hospital Authority to replace and install high-standard water dispensers in a number of public hospitals, including: Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital, Kwai Chung Hospital and Kwong Wah Hospital.