In recent years, the Hong Kong government is actively promoting environmental awareness to the public, and implementing various environmental protection policies and subsidies to encourage and educate the public on how to improve the environmental quality. In order to support and cooperate with the government’s environmental protection policy, various colleges and universities, large and small organizations have responded one after another.

The “LED Energy-saving Improvement Project” provided by our company can achieve the expected results and objectives for customers, including:

■ Optimize outdoor or indoor lighting system
■ Reduce electricity expenses
■ Reduce maintenance and replacement expenses
■ Save energy and reduce exhaust gas emissions
■ Reduce toxic industrial waste after replacement
■ Take the lead in adopting energy-saving solutions in the community to bring out environmental protection messages and prompt the public to pay attention to environmental issues.


■ Is it suitable for the existing traditional lamps to switch to LED lamps?
Answer: At present, most traditional lamps are suitable for switching to LED lights, such as fluorescent tubes, spotlights, floodlights, street lights, ceiling lights or exit indicators ,etc.

■ Will it be difficult to maintain in the future?
Answer: The product warranty period is within one year after the completion of the project to ensure quality stability. The installation and replacement methods of LED lamps are no different from traditional lamps, and they can also be replaced by themselves, which is convenient and simple.

■ Project cost and project period?
Answer: The procurement of materials, production, testing, packaging, transportation and installation are all handled by our company. Therefore, the cost can be effectively controlled and the quality and price of similar products are guaranteed to be the most competitive. The construction period depends on the number of lamps that need to be replaced and environmental factors. For example, ordinary schools or institutions can proceed before the public or in places with less impact, such as corridors, lobbies, playgrounds or auditoriums. Then carry out improvement works in stages in other areas where needed.



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