Model# : PR-190

How it works:
The unique house design is based on the living habits of the rats, imitating the space they like to hide, inducing them to enter, and kill them abruptly with high-voltage electric shock; It is designed with a security switch to prevent accidents; It is user friendly, unnecessary to apply medication or other consumables, and can be operated for a long period of time; the rat house design is for the convenience of  user to place the mouse bait and to do after-use cleansing; It is also equipped with a  smart reminder function to notify user if the mouse has been trapped and killed and the power usage. When compared to the traditional mousetrap, our product is more effective in mouse killing, more hygienic and user friendly.

After installing the battery, put a little mouse bait in the mousetrap, such as squid, biscuits or other foods that are rich in flavor, and place them where the rats are often seen. Start operating it by turning on the power switch; The product can be used independently. But in order to have a better effect, it is recommended to be conducted together with our RAT SCARE PRODUCT SERIES.

Product specifications:
Product size: 20cm (length) x 12cm (width) x 13cm (height)
Power supply: DC 6V, UM-2 battery x 4 capsules
Safety certification: In line with CE electrical safety standards

Recommended location:
Suitable for kitchens, garages, utility rooms, restaurants, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, electric rooms, factories and warehouses, etc.

* Purchase is enclosed with one year warranty.