Model No.: MS-TM768


  • Accurate and Fast temperature measurement and over-temperature alarm.
  • Infrared thermal imaging technology.
  • Panoramic temperature measurement in the field of view, over-temperature sound and light alarm.
  • Automatic compensation for distance, ambient temperature, etc.
  • The screen displays the maximum temperature value of the viewing angle, and the screen is automatically updated every time a person passes.
  • Ultra-low temperature warning 0° C; Ultra-high temperature non-human body temperature warning 99° C.


  • No sensing temperature.
  • No need for personnel management.
  • No camera/face recognition.
  • No need to connect to a computer or screen.
  • Effectively solve the problems of personnel contact and low inspection efficiency.


  • Alarm (traffic light)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Display (body temperature)
  • Infrared detector
  • Toggle button
  • Distance sensor


  • Temperature measurement range 33°C ~+42°C.
  • Temperature measurement distance 0.02-0.8 meters.
  • Pass rate 50-100 people/minute.
  • Temperature measurement accuracy (50cm range of vision).



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